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APPs and Cloudware that manage your Institution


EDUGRITZ - IRP Cloudware.

All in one educational institution management


Our IRP cloudware provides for University Management Platforms as Projects.  We deliver customized university operations completely integrated with all hardware, biometrics, RFIDs, Barcodes and other inputs. Call us for a discussion we get you globally online....more 

The INCOLLEGE version of our ERP/IRP cloudware manages college operations of any kind. INCOLLEGE – is a comprehensive operations and management platform completely backed with powerful APPs for students, teachers, parents and management.

INSCHOOL is a completely administrator configurable system covering all aspects of operations in a school, local, state or international. It has inbuilt analytics and app support (IOS & Android) for every stake holder – Parent, Staff, Teacher Student and Management. 

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INKINDER – is a comprehensive IRP platform that manages kindergarten schools, campuses and chains. Completely sensitive to the different needs of young parents, teachers and support staff – with franchise management support. Revenue management, cost management, profitability and other metrics are easily tracked, analysed and reported.



INTUTE – is a powerful APP backed Platform for Academics & Coaching Institutes suitable for all kinds of academics, sports, music & fine art academies. A powerful analytical business generation enquiry module with seamless admissions, class and session coordination, center management through managers/ coordinators, fee, attendance and progress modules it also includes Teacher / Coach performance monitoring along with curriculum / module progress.


INTUTOR – is a powerful APP backed Platform for Individual Teachers who are a Brand by their own name. Teaching from home - you need simple operations managed and reported for you – this would help your students and their parents keep up to date with the necessary  information on Fee, Attendance and Progress modules. Online tests are also available.

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ANNUAL Subscriptions

IRP/ERP with or without APPs for Schools, Colleges, Kindergarten & Universities. 


IRP Cloudware - SaaS tailor made projects for Schools, Colleges, Kindergarten, Institutes & Universities


Customized tailor made solutions with OT license fee and Lifetime Support for Institution groups across all locations


Lifetime Enterprise developer licenses for institution groups and partners with lifetime support for IRP/ERP & Apps.

EDUGRITZ Services - IRP Cloudware.

All in one educational institution management

Gritz Horizons Private Limited is a Bangalore based Professional IT Services and a Consulting firm, that specialises in the delivery of cost effective, high value IT software solutions, platforms apps and analytics.
Since 2013, Gritz has implemented stable frameworks by developing an in depth understanding of the education and academic scenarios. We profoundly believe that business is about people, processes and service.
We build robust logical processes with technology to scale to serve people and institutions.
We have translated this belief into differentiated service offerings to create an impact in education, academics and other related businesses.​
Our focus is on Academics APPs & Analytics.
Whenever you think of operations, management and results for your institution - think of us.
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