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IRP Cloudware

IRP is the acronym for Institutional Resource Planning a revolutionary software architecture that streams in data from geographically scattered enterprise locations and allocates resources already mapped into the system on a realtime basis for various institutional needs. 

IRP is the unity of three main mechanisms of any enterprise; 

Institution Management Practices - leading to re-engineering of: 

  1. Institutional Processes, 

  2. Information Technology Platforms

  3. Specific Business Objectives. 


The IRP architecture offers an all-inclusive drill down summary of the entire enterprise right from the Board of Directors down to the lowest of line and staff management.

By virtue of this IRP Cloudware becomes a key facilitator of decision making and brings about the achievement of Specific Business Objectives.

The IRP software architecture embraces an expansive array of enterprise wide functions and house merges them into a single database repository. 

In conclusion - a good IRP system will and can enable enterprises to scale up by providing efficiency proven platforms to business expansions - all the while - monitoring and controlling the expansion process also.

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